Friday, 30 March 2012

Einstein – we need you!

At the end of a political week in the UK with a quality of pantomime farce about it, there is a fascinating  story about Albert Einstein’s views on the Universe. In a statement which I wouldn’t dare to pretend to understand, scientists at the National Astronomy Meeting in Manchester announced the results of a new test, comparing the current size of the universe with the dimensions six billion years ago. This test proved, with ‘incredible accuracy’ that Einstein’s theory of relativity accurately predicted the expansion of the Universe. What a stunning brain this man must have had.
I would act with some confidence in taking advice from Albert Einstein. And how I wish he, and more like him were around to dish out some sound guidance in the UK right now.

If it wasn’t so annoying it would be laughable. Earlier this week a government minister announced to the general public that there may be a petrol tanker drivers’ strike. There may be a disruption in delivery service. There may be a petrol shortage. So what does he advise us to do? He advises us to stockpile petrol. To fill up jerry cans and store it in our garages. So, surprise, surprise, panic buying ensues, queues stretch along roads leading to petrol stations, fisticuffs break out at the pumps and hundreds of idiots put their lives at risk by storing an inflammable material in unsafe conditions. Nice work.

How would Einstein have reacted I wonder? If the public needed to know then Einstein would have no doubt advised us that the conciliation talks hadn’t started yet so stockpiling is the last thing we should do. Hardly rocket science is it?

‘Pastygate’ is another spot of whimsy. It has been announced that hot Cornish pasties (and other hot take away pies) will now be subjected to value added tax. Not a big deal until the press decided to focus on whether members of the coalition actually ever ate pasties, and if so, when. Then Ed Milliband, leader of the opposition decides to ‘pop in’ to the branch of a well-known bakery to buy some sausage rolls – and of course there just happened to be a camera team handy to make sure the photo opportunity is exploited.

What nonsense. Where is Einstein when we need him?

Come to think of it – it’s not Einstein’s immense intellect we need right now. We need some politicians with a modicum of common sense.

 Ah well – a girl can dream…


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