Friday, 4 February 2011

How low can you stoop Mr Cameron?

I was horrified to see in the news that during a Downing Street briefing today David Cameron referred to the fact that his children were suffering from ‘nits’ (head lice)

Although this is a very common problem in English schools and the agreed wisdom is that the little swines only like clean hair, this is still not a nice thing for a child to have to deal with.

To have that very personal information shared with the nation must be excruciatingly embarrassing for David Cameron’s children.

I know that, as a parent, one of my key roles is to embarrass my children (something that I am still pretty good at), but surely this is an itchy scalp too far?

David and Samantha Cameron are clearly loving and caring parents and I suspect this was a throw away line to lighten the atmosphere of a press conference.

We have already seen that Cameron and Clegg are prepared to bend their principles for the sake of a coalition and a stab at power, hopefully for the common good, but really Mr Cameron, please find other ways to prove you are a ‘man of the people’


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