Friday, 7 January 2011

2022 World Cup – a spot of goalpost moving?

Sepp Blatter has announced that the World cup, to be staged in Qatar (that well known footballing nation?) will probably be held in January, due to the adverse weather conditions in the summer (i.e. 50 degrees Celsius)

Of course for the British football league, this poses a potential nightmare. Bang smack in the middle of the football season, when the top flight teams will not only be battling for the Premiership titles but may also still be involved in the Champions League and two other domestic cup competitions. There is already pressure to create a winter break to align the UK Premiership teams with their European counterparts – so how will a winter World Cup fit in?

Oh dear – the World cup farce continues. So Sepp Blatter (when IS he going to retire?) – will not only be embracing goal mouth technology (it will be a very long time before we forget our disallowed goal against Germany last year)…

…He is now also conceding that goal posts can be moved too.

Level playing field for all those nations that bid for the World Cup? Clearly not.


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