Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Reasons to be cheerful – what’s your top ten for 2010?

Enough of the political rhetoric and insightful comment on health and wellbeing. It’s nearly Christmas and I’m sitting by a log fire in my 200 year old cottage, snowed in, in rural Buckinghamshire. I haven’t been able to get my car out of the driveway for nearly a week so I’ve given in – I’m here to stay for the next few days and hope that my family and Christmas guests (some flying in from New York) will be able to make it. I’m sure that my readers in Canada, Russia, Sweden, Norway and other countries used to harsh weather will be less than impressed with the UK response to the white stuff but I have all I need and I’m staying put.

Much has been made of happiness and wellbeing measurement this year and the UK government promises us a survey in the near future. But how do you measure wellbeing? I have listed here the top ten feel good factors for 2010. I would love to hear from you, my readers across 27 countries, to find out what has made you happy this year? Here is my starter for ten:

My family (of course): Always top of the list and always involve lots of joy.  My daughter and her boyfriend now live just a few miles away – it’s wonderful seeing her nearly every day.

Health and fitness: With the help of a great personal trainer I have upped my level of fitness and downed my weight!

Manchester United: I love football. I love talking about it, reading about it and watching it. I am a season ticket holder at Old Trafford and my moment of the year was the cheeky goal that Nani nicked from the Tottenham Hotspur goalie. Hilarious.

New friends and not so new friends: Especially those who I met during my trip to Los Angeles in September. My ‘new’ friends in New York and Miami have made that wondrous transition and are new no more, as they now feel like family.

Work: Finchers Consulting is now 18 months old and has given me the freedom to develop personally and professionally.

Music: Can’t imagine life without it. My favourites this year are The Script, Michael Buble and Paloma Faith

New York: Both trips this year were very successful and highly enjoyable – my favourite city in the world and I felt at home from my very first visit 17 years ago.

The Twilight Saga movies: There! I’ve admitted it in public! I love them. I love the romance and the way that the impossible becomes possible. The soundtracks are great too.

Memories – new and old: My mother passed away last month after many years in her lonely world of dementia. At her funeral we were able to enjoy the many happy memories of a life well lived, full of love and laughter.

And finally…..

My blog: I love the global reach if this medium and I hope to get to know many more readers throughout the coming year.

So that is my very personal snapshot of the high spots of this year. Give it a  couple more days of this weather and I may have a new high spot – seeing another human being!!

I would love you to email me some of your special moments for 2010. It would be great to share some personal recollections from readers all over the world. I shall, of course, keep your contribution anonymous if you prefer. Do either post a comment or email me on mreid@finchersconsulting.com


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