Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A month in cyberspace – the story so far

Six weeks ago I attended a conference in LA (see blogs 1 and 2) and during one of the social events I was enjoying a glass of wine with an extremely handsome man who encouraged me to start a blog.

My original plan was to write a one-off article for a trade magazine, but after several more glasses and the exchange of many business cards I was persuaded that maybe it was worth a go.

A couple of weeks later, Finchers Consulting Blog was launched.

Then another very handsome man (I lead a charmed life) suggested that I should join Twitter to promote my blog. I felt that tweeting really was a bridge too far for someone who had a major aversion to Facebook! But some quick research demonstrated that I had been given good advice and should start tweeting. (@Finchershealth)  Just for the record, I am not one of those ‘I’ve just had breakfast’ tweeters.

So here I am, immersed in cyberspace and loving every minute.

I have been amazed at the response. Over 500 people from 13 countries have now read my postings and the global reach of a few personal ramblings is incredibly powerful. I must confess that this blogging malarkey is pretty addictive. I take my blogs very seriously and although writing the posts isn’t too time consuming, I do try to research my facts carefully beforehand. As a passionate follower of all things to do with health and wellbeing, it has been easy to find things to write about.

I have become a slave to the stats I am thrilled every time a new country is listed among my readers. It is very exciting to think that people I have never met from as far afield as Singapore, Australia, Israel and Serbia are reading my postings and I am particularly pleased to note that a third of my followers are in the US.

Paperwork, phone calls to friends and the minutiae of life are slipping to a poor also-ran as blogging takes over. This blog feels like a living entity, newly populating my day to day existence. It is at the same time a beast that demands feeding and an infant that needs nurturing.

Thank you to all those of you who have been reading these pages. And thank you for the feedback, although most of this has been by email so far, so please do post some comments. And please pass the link in to others who may find the blog of interest. Making a small dent in cyberspace has been remarkably easy, but world domination (the healthcare world at least) may take a little longer……

I’m just off to my favourite city in the World, New York, for a few days but will be blogging again early next week.


mp said...

Congratulations on your blog. Have a wonderful time in New York!

Finchers Consulting said...

Thank you for inspiring me to start this journey!

Jan said...

Have a great time and find me a handome man :-)

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